Phytochemistry Laboratory & TCM Quality Control Laboratory

 Phytochemistry Laboratory & TCM Quality Control Laboratory 

  • Advisor:Prof. Yuan Shiun Chang
  • Research Interests
    1. Medicinal Botany
    2. Pharmacognosy
    3. Chinese Materia Medica
    4. Phytochemistry
    5. Quality Control of Crude Drugs
    6. Pharmacology
  • Facilities:
    1. Rotary evaporator
    2. Waters High-performance Liquid Chromatography 2695 System
    4. CAMAG Reprostar 3
    5. ARY 300 Conc UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
    6. Thermo Nicolet AVATAR 330 FT-IR
  • Location: Huchu Building 9F
  • Instrument:

High-performance Liquid Chromatography-- Waters 2695 SystemA. High-performance Liquid Chromatography-- Waters 2695 System

The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is a high performance liquid chromatographic system with a quaternary, low-pressure mixing pump and inline vacuum degassing. Flow rates from 50 uL/min to 5 mL/min can be generated for use with 2.1 mm ID columns and larger. The autosampler has a maximum capacity of 120 vials (12x32, 2-mL) with programmable temperature control from 4 to 40°C. A heated column compartment provides temperatures from 5 degrees above ambient to 65°C. The detector is a photodiode array (model 2996) with a wavelength range of 190-800 nm and sensitivity settings from 0.0001-2.0000 absorbance units.

Camag TLC Scanner 3B. Camag TLC Scanner 3

    1. Shimadzu refractive index detector RID-10A
    2. Hitachi UV detector L-2400
    3. Hitachi pump L-2130

CARY 300 Conc UV-Visible SpectrophotometerC.CARY 300 Conc UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

The Cary 300 is a versatile UV-visible spectrophotometer with a versatile set of accessories and a large photometric range for use in research laboratories. It is controlled by the Cary WinUV software, modular Windows-based software, featuring powerful analytics run by an easy-to-use interface. The instrument is shipped with liquid sample holders and can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to provide extra capabilities. The instrument is well-suited to materials testing of both turbid liquid and solid samples.

Thermo Nicolet AVATAR 330 FT-IRD. Thermo Nicolet AVATAR 330 FT-IR

    1. QA/QC Analysis
    2. Exceptional Reliability
    3. Dedicated Spectral Range
    4. Easy-to-use
    5. Dedicated Solutions